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What is the Highest Searched Keyword?

What is the Highest Searched Keyword?

What is the highest searched keyword?

While the long tail is a great place to start when optimizing your SEO, it’s important to focus your efforts on the top-traffic, high-volume keywords. These keywords are more stable in their search volume and offer a consistent source of traffic for your business.

The highest-ranking search terms are ranked by their search volume, and each keyword is also rated on a competition index. The competition index is based on how many other brands are fighting to rank for this keyword, and is useful information when it comes to deciding which keywords are the best fit for your search marketing campaign.

Trending Searches

This page displays up-to-minute updates to the popular searches of the day based on data collected by Google. You can browse this list by country or select a specific time period to see what trends are currently on the rise.


The real-time search trends feature on this page shows the most recent data for the most popular searches of the day based on data from Google and social media. This feature is updated every 24 hours and is a great way to see what’s hot in the world of search.

App Keywords

These are the most popular search terms that people use when searching for apps on the App Store. These search terms are sorted by their total average monthly search volume on the 6 largest app markets (US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, and India) in 2022.

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