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What Are 3 Main Areas of SEO?

What are 3 main areas of SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, refers to all strategies and techniques used to organically increase your website’s position on the search engine results pages (SERPs). It does not include paid advertising.

On-page SEO includes all measures that can be taken directly within your website to improve its rankings, such as editing content or improving meta descriptions and title tags. Often, these efforts are integrated with off-page SEO strategies that include links and other signals.

Expertise, Authority and Trust (EAT)

Google is looking for websites that have proven expertise in their field, have authority based on a variety of factors, and are trustworthy. This can be achieved through a number of different methods, including linking to relevant sites and ensuring that content is shared on social media.

Local SEO

As the name suggests, local SEO focuses on increasing your online presence in a specific geographical area. It can be a great way to boost your business and attract new customers.

Technical SEO

This involves coding your website properly so that it can be crawled and indexed by Google, and other search engines. It can involve things like ensuring that your website is HTTPS secure and making sure your site structure is concise.

Images and Videos

Optimising images is important for both search engine ranking and user experience. For example, ensuring that your images are not overly pixelated can help them to rank well on Google’s image search. Similarly, making sure that audiovisual content is easy to find and watch by users can also lead to increased engagement.

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