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What is the Biggest Challenge in Audit?

What is the biggest challenge in audit?

Audit is a complex job that requires close attention in detail. It is a job that involves obtaining a thorough understanding of each entity’s financial data, reporting on it and ensuring that the client is in compliance with US auditing standards.

There is a huge variety of issues that arise during the course of an audit, but one of the most prevalent is fraud. This is a problem that can negatively impact both audit quality and peer review.

Fraud isn’t always done maliciously; in many cases, it’s a result of clients not understanding their own finances and operations. As a result, it’s up to the auditor to detect and record fraudulent activities, even if it means being more aggressive than the client.

Inaccurate inventory is another common issue. It can cause problems in the financial statements, which can affect the company’s ability to pay off loans and secure funding.

The audit team can help prevent this problem by requesting that the business perform a new inventory check before the audit starts.


In a time when the pace of technology change is rapid, it’s no surprise that auditors are struggling to keep up. They may not be able to find the resources to implement the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), or to provide their teams with the proper training and support to use them.

Auditors also need to find ways to attract and retain staff. Employees are looking for flexibility, whether that means working remotely, adjusting work schedules or having more control over their own time.

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