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Which Keyword Research Tool is Free?

Which Keyword Research Tool is Free?

Whether you’re looking for a PPC keyword research tool or a long-tail keyword tool, there are some great free tools available. These tools help you find keyword suggestions and competition data. They can help you understand the competitive landscape so you can better target your marketing efforts.

Moz offers a keyword research tool that includes search volume and keyword difficulty metrics. This tool also gives you a search priority score. It provides a comprehensive SEO report and offers a list of keyword suggestions.

SpyFu is a well-known search engine optimization tool that provides keyword rankings and changes in rankings over time. It also includes a competitor tab that lets you see other domains ranking for keywords.

Term Explorer is another keyword research tool. It works with a seed term to generate over 10,000 keyword variations. It also pulls through supporting metrics to keep your results relevant.

Keyword Sheeter is a great tool for blog topic ideas. It uses Google’s autocomplete feature to generate keyword suggestions that are relevant to your content. It also provides real-time search engine usage information.

Keyword Sheeper is another free tool that helps you find keyword suggestions. It generates ideas quickly. You can export your results without having to pay.

SpyFu is a popular keyword research tool that offers excellent reporting. It also has a competitive tab that helps you understand how backlinks affect your rankings. It also has great support for content marketing and advertising.

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