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Which Keyword Research is Best?

Which Keyword Research is Best?

Getting ranked on the first page of Google is no small feat. Taking the time to conduct keyword research can pay off in the long run. But which keyword research tool is the best?

If you’re looking for the best free keyword research tool, Google Keyword Planner is the way to go. The tool allows you to enter a seed keyword and generates a list of related keywords.

The tool also has an in-depth competitor analysis function. This allows you to see how your competitors are utilizing keywords in their SEO strategy.

While you can use Google Keyword Planner for free, you can also sign up for a paid plan to take advantage of its more advanced features. You can also use the tool to create keyword lists from within the control panel.

Another tool you may want to consider is DataForSEO’s Keyword Data API. This API provides essential SEO metrics for Google and Bing keywords. It also provides accurate search volume and impression data, making it a good choice for data-driven marketers.

The free version of the tool will give you a fair amount of data, but the paid version is worth the splurge. The free version provides a keyword database, while the paid version gives you access to competitor data, backlink analysis, and search volume.

The tool also has a very good user interface. It integrates with the Chrome browser, and provides thousands of related keyword ideas in seconds.

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