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How to Find Out Which Keyword is Most Searched in Google

How to Find Out Which Keyword is Most Searched in Google

Using Google’s Keyword Tool, you can find out what keywords people are using to search for information on the web. This information can be useful for your SEO campaigns, as it can tell you how popular a keyword is over time. Thousands of SEO professionals use Keyword Tool to learn more about keyword search volume.

Google has been the go-to search engine for decades. It processes 3.5 billion searches per day. Google holds a wealth of search history, which you can access through the Google Search Archives. This makes it easy to see how trends change over time. You can also compare relative popularity of keywords.

The top three Google searches in October 2019 were “Facebook”, “YouTube” and “Gmail”. Each of these terms had a monthly search volume of more than 100 million. Google processes searches through conventional channels as well as through its mobile browsers. Google also has a new feature called Google Lens that identifies objects through your smartphone’s camera.

The average keyword has 1.9 words. Longer keywords are less searched for. The average keyword is searched for about 989 times per month. Google searches are typically navigational.

Google’s search trends are always changing. However, there are some common themes that have been around for many years. These themes often tie in with popular pop culture.

Sports have been a popular search category for the last two decades. In fact, every four years the World Cup appears as a trending keyword. The Olympics also appears as a regular trend.

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