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Which Keyword Match is Best?

Which Keyword Match is Best?

Choosing the right type of keyword match for your ad campaign can make the difference between a successful campaign and one that fails to meet your business goals. Each match type has its own benefits and drawbacks. These factors should be taken into account to ensure that you pick the right one.

There are three main types of keyword matches. Choosing the best match type for your campaign will be dependent on your budget, campaign goals, and specific ad objectives.

The first match type is the broad match. This type will give you the widest reach, allowing you to reach as many people as possible. The downside of this type of match is that you may not be able to target as many people as you could if you used a more targeted type of match.

The other match type is the phrase match. This type of match will only show up in searches that include the phrase or term in the query. It can be used to reduce ad spending, but you will not see your ads on searches that don’t have the term or phrase in the query.

The second match type is the modified broad match. This type of match will give you the widest reach, but you will be paying for it. This type of match will not allow you to use keywords in any order. This type of match may cause formatting issues with Microsoft Excel.

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