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What is SEO Tools for Excel?

What is SEO Tools for Excel?

There are a number of tools that marketers use to gather, organize, and analyze data related to their SEO strategy. These tools are sometimes connected to Excel. Some are free, while others are not. The advantages of using an Excel spreadsheet include the ability to segment and sort data, enabling you to monitor your campaign more effectively.

Seo Tools for Excel is an add-in that provides a variety of functions to make the evaluation of domains and links super-effective and fast. You can use its various functions to evaluate link quality, backlink structure, and page optimization. It also allows you to check your domain’s popularity, and export your data.

Another feature in SEO Tools for Excel is its CheckBacklink function. This feature allows you to test your links and page to see if they are ready for the SE ranking.

Other features include Google Analytics integration and semantic labeling. As these functions are supported by external APIs, you can build your own connectors, and customize the tool’s functionality to your preferences.

In addition to its other functions, SeoTools for Excel also supports the SE Ranking API, which is available in an enterprise plan. Users can download the free trial version and use the API to retrieve data from the SE Ranking server.

You can also use the LinkResearchTools add-in to evaluate pages and URLs. The spreadsheet allows you to compare links based on their anchor text, as well as to filter them by anchor text, directory, or topic. One drawback of the LinkResearchTools spreadsheet is that it can take a while to display the data.

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