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What Are the 9 Audit Procedures?

What Are the 9 Audit Procedures?

What are the 9 audit procedures?

The purpose of a company’s internal controls is to protect against financial, operational, and strategic risks like fraud. These are protocols, processes, and best practices that help to ensure an organization’s systems are functioning effectively.

Tests of control (audit evidence)

In order to perform an effective audit, an auditor must have access to all the information that they need – that includes the company’s financial records and anything else relevant for the audit. To do this, they can use a variety of testing methods, including examination, inquiry, observation, inspection, and re-performance.

Recalculating numbers

Counting the number of items in a company’s inventory is an important audit procedure because it helps to check if they are accurately represented in the system. For example, if you have 1,000 items in your warehouse but you only count 950, then it may mean that there are gaps in the system and you need to find out why!

Confirmation of financial reporting assertions

The main purpose of confirmation is to make sure that the transactions in the financial statements are correct and accurate. This can be done by asking explanations for a series of transactions or by reaching out to third parties such as banks, suppliers, or customers.

This type of audit is a great way to confirm the validity of any errors in your company’s financial reports. However, it can be difficult to gain sufficient appropriate audit evidence using this method alone and you should often combine it with other methods.

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