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What Are the 2 Types of Keywords?

What Are the 2 Types of Keywords?

Choosing the right keywords for your website is essential for SEO. These terms give you an idea of who your audience is and what they are looking for. They also help you connect with them and increase your conversion rates. However, there are different types of keywords, each with its own pros and cons.

Generic keywords are short terms associated with a specific brand or industry. These terms are usually 1-3 words in length. They are usually used in combination with other keywords for more specific marketing needs.

Long tail keywords are the most specific keywords. They typically have a low search volume and a higher conversion rate. They are also very descriptive. They can bring in high quality traffic. Long tail keywords have the advantage of being less competitive and therefore easier to rank for.

Product keywords are phrases or terms that refer directly to a company’s offerings. These keywords help clients find a specific product through a search. These keywords are commonly used by ecommerce businesses, who want to attract customers who have a high purchase intent.

Informational keywords are also used to help meet keyword intent for informational search queries. These keywords typically start with “when”, “where” and “why”.

Localized keywords are keywords that focus on a local area. These keywords are used to bring in local content and businesses. Google has begun to give more weight to local searches.

In addition to keywords, SEO is also about targeting the right people. You can use competitor keywords to identify words that are driving traffic to your competitor’s site. You can use a variety of competitor keyword tools, including SpyFu, Ahref’s Keyword Explorer, Buzzsumo and SEM Rush.

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