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How SEO is Working

How SEO is Working

How SEO is working

Search engines like Google and Bing crawl websites and extract information from them using web-crawlers, also called spiders or bots. They use this information to build a huge database of web pages and understand what those pages are about.

Those pages are then evaluated against certain factors and ranked according to their quality and relevance for the user’s search query. These criteria are based on complex algorithms and are constantly changing.

Content is king

As you can imagine, it’s crucial to provide high-quality content that satisfies the needs of your target audience. This should be the basis for every aspect of your SEO strategy.

Intent is key

A good way to ensure your content is meeting the needs of Google users is to align it with their search intent. Understanding what people are searching for and putting that into your strategy will help you create a more effective search campaign, leading to higher conversion rates.

Site structure is important

Google’s crawlers can better understand a website when the site structure is organized in a logical manner. This helps search engines to identify where all the key content is located on a website.

Links – Linking to other sites from your own website is an important element of SEO. This tells search engines that other websites think your site is worth linking to, and will help you rank higher in search results.

It’s no secret that SEO takes time and effort to see lasting results. However, with a solid foundation in place and a little patience, you can achieve success.

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