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Who is the Most Searched Person in 2022?

Who is the Most Searched Person in 2022?

Among the 150 most searched celebrities in the US, Amber Heard topped the list. The list is based on Google searches, and ranked by a study conducted by CelebTattler. This study tracked Google search trends for 2022 and identified the most popular celebrities in the country.

Amber Heard had an average of 5.6 million Google searches per month in the US. Her ranking was boosted by a high-profile divorce and a defamation lawsuit filed against Johnny Depp.

The second-ranked celebrity on the list was Johnny Depp. Depp had 5.5 million Google searches per month. The high-profile defamation trial and legal battle between the two made them stars in the spotlight, and drew many people to Google.

Fourth on the list was Tom Brady. Brady played for the NFL and had a relationship with Gisele Bundchen that was on and off. The former quarterback’s divorce from the supermodel has been the talk of the town lately.

Fifth on the list was Kim Kardashian. Kardashian has always been a popular celebrity, and her relationship with Pete Davidson helped boost her search count.

Seventh on the list was Elon Musk. Musk is CEO of Twitter, and is considered the richest man in the world. His Twitter takeover has received a lot of negative media attention. He has also been involved in the shooting of a 17-year-old boy and a car accident.

The top 10 searched celebrities on Google were: Amber Heard, Johnny Depp, Elon Musk, Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, Millie Bobby Brown, and Evan Williams.

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