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Who is the Most Googled in 2022?

Who is the Most Googled in 2022?

During the year in search, Google releases its most popular lists of people, athletes, and sports teams. Some of these are well-known figures, while others are athletes and entertainers. The list offers an insight into the state of the internet.

The most searched person in 2022 was Aquaman star Amber Heard. Her high profile divorce and court battle against Johnny Depp helped her land the top spot. She was awarded $2 million in her countersuit.

Other famous names to appear on the list include Alexander Rae Baldwin III, a political activist and comedian, and Neeraj Chopra, who played a part in an official biopic on Elon Musk. He has three Emmy Awards and 18 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

The list also includes Pete Davidson, an American comedian and cast member of “Saturday Night Live.” He earned a monthly average of 3.2 million searches. The Yeezy founder has been volleying insults at him, which may help explain his presence on the list.

Other popular names on the list are actor Will Smith, comedian Chris Rock, and A-list athlete Tom Brady. All four of these were in the spotlight because of major events.

The list of the most searched people in 2022 is filled with celebrities, athletes, and sports teams. While it can be hard to determine exactly who is the most popular, the results of this analysis give a great glimpse into the world of social media.

The most popular sports players are athletes. The list also features professional footballer Christian Eriksen, tennis player Tiger Woods, and American football player Henry Ruggs III.

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