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What Makes a Great Keyword?

What Makes a Great Keyword?

If you want to get more traffic, you need to choose the right keywords. But what makes a good keyword?

If you want to use a keyword for your website, you need to choose one that is relevant to your website and to your customers. That way, you will see a higher number of visitors and active users to your website.

When choosing your keyword, make sure it meets three criteria: low competition, decent search volume and high ROI. These characteristics are usually found in good keywords.

You should also check for alternate keywords. You can do this by searching for a competitor’s name or product. You may find that other competitors advertise using your competitor’s name or brand, or use other messages or products.

You may also want to look for long tail keywords. These are more specific and have less competition. A good example of a long tail keyword is dental hygienist.

You can find a lot of related keywords by using a keyword planner. Eye10’s Keyword Planner is one of the best. It provides a list of related keywords based on your primary keyword. You can also download your results in CSV or PDF.

You can use other tools, such as SEO Scout, to analyze your competition. They provide a list of direct and indirect competitors, and allow you to view the domains and domain names they are ranking for. You can also monitor your progress. You can also sort your keywords by category.

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