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What is the Most Googled Question?

What is the Most Googled Question?

The Google top 10 list of most searched queries lists the top ten most frequently asked questions. Interestingly, some of these are more questions than answers.

For the uninitiated, the list is topped off by a few buzzy newbies. For example, in the New York area, the most commonly asked question is “How to advertise my business on Facebook”. This is a tad more than a single query.

It was also interesting to see that the aforementioned list had no duplicate entries. Moreover, many of the highest ranked questions were about the same topic.

There was one question that was asked by a staggering 14 states. If you ask an Indian, that’s about as likely as a koala hopping around your back yard. What’s more, in this scenario, the microchip car shortage might be a contributing factor.

One of the more curious questions was answered by a Google survey of over 5 million IP addresses. They were shown the most notable entries, most popular acronyms, and other relevant data points. While not a full scale survey, this tidbit reveals the best way to glean knowledge from online traffic.

For the tech savvy among us, there are numerous ways to make sense of the large amount of data. For instance, there are several tools and software programs designed to help you better understand the people you interact with. Another cool thing is that you can set up alerts when a name pops up on the Internet.

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