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What is the Most Googled Item in 2022?

What is the Most Googled Item in 2022?

What is the most Googled item?

As 2022 draws to a close, let’s take a look back at the year that was, and what people were searching for. As it turns out, the search engine that made the biggest splash on Google is not Facebook or YouTube, but rather Wordle – the daily online word game that sucks up millions of players around the world in just a few months.

The Biggest Query On Google

When we looked at our data, we saw that the most Googled item of 2022 was not the iPhone, but rather Airpods, which made sense since the wireless headphones are popular in the U.S., where Apple is dominant.

The Biggest Query on Google: News

In 2022, the most searched news item was probably the Queen’s passing. The news that the Queen had passed away, at age 96, brought tears to many faces around the globe.

The Biggest Query: Mobile

With more people using smartphones and tablets than desktops, searches conducted on these devices have increased significantly over the last several years. While some people still use desktops for more complex queries, Google is becoming a preferred source of information, thanks to its advanced features like Google Lens and Google Assistant. For example, the former lets users identify objects with their smartphones’ cameras. The latter enables people to find out more about the products they’re shopping for by typing in a keyword or asking their Google Assistant.

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