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What is the Difference Between SEO and Keywords?

What is the Difference Between SEO and Keywords?

What is the difference between SEO and keywords?

Both of these important digital marketing tools help to increase the visibility of your website and content on search engine result pages (SERPs) by leveraging the right keywords in the right places. But whereas PPC advertising allows you to target specific keyword phrases and then create an ad that promotes your site or content for those keywords, SEO is more holistic in its approach.

Choosing the best keywords is the cornerstone of any SEO strategy. The keywords you use should be relevant to your business and your audience, and they should be the type of search queries your customers are using when they research solutions for their problems online.

The most basic way to use keywords is through the URL, H1 tag on your page, and meta description. Adding your primary keyword in these areas is essential to search engine optimization (SEO) – it doesn’t guarantee you’ll rank at the top of the results, but it helps you be seen as an authoritative source and it also increases your chances of getting a ranked backlink to your website.

Keyword diversity is key, too!

It’s not uncommon for keyword volume to skew heavily toward one side or the other, which is why it’s so important to diversify your keyword strategy. The more closely related terms you target, the better chance you have of attracting the most targeted users and ultimately, driving conversions.

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