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What is Replacing SEO?

What is Replacing SEO?

The latest Google algorithm update has raised many a skeptic’s eyebrows. As with any new development, some say it’s not a big deal while others ponder what the long term effects will be. In any case, SEO is a crucial part of any internet marketing campaign.

Search engines like Google are constantly adjusting their algorithms to better match user input. That means that SEO has to keep up or go the way of the dinosaurs. This is where companies specializing in the technology come in.

One of the best ways to do this is to use content marketing. Specifically, creating and distributing useful content will entice users to stay on your site.

Content marketing and SEO are not the only tools in your toolbox, however. Social media is also an important component of your online marketing strategy. Not only can it help you build an audience, but it can help you provide customer service and brand loyalty.

While SEO and social media may have a similar effect on your rankings, it’s not a one-two punch. Both are essential to your business’ success.

There are numerous factors to consider when integrating these two marketing channels. For starters, the most effective method is to use a combination of both. And with over 2 billion searches daily on Google alone, it’s a good idea to get your content out there.

Creating useful content is the first step in the process. Next, you need to make sure that it’s easy to share. Sharing a link to your content on Facebook, for example, will increase your chances of showing up in personalized search results.

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