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What is Primary Keyword?

What is Primary Keyword?

What is primary keyword?

A primary keyword is the most popular search term for a product, service or topic. This is also the first word that Google and other search engines see when they index your page.

Using the right primary keywords can be vital to SEO success. But it’s not just about keywords, it’s also about writing high-quality content that’s relevant to the user.

Secondary keywords add context to searches, giving search engines clues about search intent. They can help you rank higher in search results and draw in more consumers.

The best way to source your secondary keywords is to use tools such as Ubersuggest and Google’s own suggestions when searching for your primary keyword.

These suggestions don’t come by accident, but they do give you a sense of what people are searching for online. The more contextual, secondary keywords you can incorporate into your content, the more search engine clues you’ll provide.

Incorporating your primary and secondary keywords together is like using ketchup to French fries: it adds that little extra flavor to make the food better.

A primary keyword should be mapped to every page on your site, starting with the homepage and working through category pages, product pages, and articles. The best place to put your primary keyword is in the title and H1 heading of a page, as well as in the anchor text used to link to the page.

A secondary keyword can be used in your web pages to link to other pages on your site, as well as throughout the world wide web via hyperlinks. Including the keyword in the anchor text can improve your page’s search ranking and improve the reader experience.

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