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What is H2 H3 and H4?

What is H2 H3 and H4?

H2 – Header 2 is used to divide a page into smaller bits of information. This helps readers to quickly obtain the information they need. If the information isn’t clearly organized, users may get confused and leave the page.

H3 – Header 3 is used to provide additional information and to expand on a particular aspect of an H2 heading. It can be used in multiple locations to further explore an H2 heading.

H4 – Header 4 is a subheading for an H2 heading. H4 headings are not as important as the H2 heading. They’re primarily for technical or lengthy content. Using more than one H4 heading can make reading difficult.

H6 – Header 6 is used to create a further layer of structure. Depending on the complexity of the material, you may want to use all four header tags.

In addition to creating a hierarchy of content, headers help readers and search engines to understand your page. They should contain keywords that are relevant to the subject matter of the page. However, do not include keywords that are intended for search engine rankings.

There are no restrictions on the number of H3 and H2 tags you can include in your content. However, using too many of these tags can break your content.

As with other parts of your website, you should make sure that your headers are readable. You can do this by adding inline images or math to your header elements.

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