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What Are the 7 Types of SEO?

What Are the 7 Types of SEO?

SEO is a massive ocean filled with a TON of ranking factors and various types of tactics. If you want to increase your search traffic, you need to learn about all the different types of SEO out there so you can choose the right strategy for your business.

On-page and Off-page

One of the most popular SEO strategies used by companies is on-page optimization. This type of SEO involves optimizing your website content and the pages within your site that are most relevant to the keywords you want to rank for.

There are several elements you should consider when optimizing your on-page content, such as the title tags, URL structure, and image sizing. These are all important to both search engines and visitors who use your website.

Technical SEO

One of the biggest aspects of technical SEO is making your website mobile-friendly. This helps search engine bots understand your content and index your pages easier. It also involves creating a thorough XML sitemap and adding structured data to help Google sort and categorize your pages.

Voice Search

With the rise in voice search, it’s becoming more important to optimize your website for these searches. This will help you reach more users, and it may even boost your search rankings.

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