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What Are the 5 Types of Keywords?

What Are the 5 Types of Keywords?

In order to make the most of your SEO efforts, it’s important to know the different types of keywords. Each type is useful for a specific reason, and can help you attract a specific audience. Knowing which type is best for your business can help you adapt your marketing strategy.

Long-tail keyword: A long-tail keyword is a specific term or phrase that targets users farther along in the buying process. They are usually less competitive and provide a better chance of converting a visitor.

LSI keyword: LSI keywords are also known as related keywords. They are synonyms of the primary keyword. These keywords help Google understand what your content is about. This can help increase your site’s rankings. You can find LSI keywords through online keyword research tools.

Short-tail keyword: A short-tail keyword is a keyword that is 1-3 words. It is usually more competitive than a long-tail keyword and has a high volume of searches.

Product keyword: A product keyword is a term that specifically relates to the products or services of a company. This type of keyword is often analyzed by ecommerce retail stores. For example, someone searching for “copy machine” would probably return results from a reputable brand.

Brand keyword: If your business is selling a particular brand, you want to use its name as your keyword. This is the perfect way to attract consumers who are looking for products that are sold by that brand.

Brands often include the name of the product, the manufacturer, and the price. Some brands also include other descriptive search phrases, such as the color, size, and materials.

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