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What Are the 5 Types of Keywords?

What Are the 5 Types of Keywords?

Keywords play an important role in generating traffic to websites. However, not all keywords are created equal. Different keyword types help marketers and advertisers target specific audiences and their needs. To achieve this, understanding the types of keywords is essential.

Short-tail keywords are short phrases, typically one or two words. Search volume is usually higher for short-tail keywords. They are also considered seed keywords.

Long-tail keywords are longer phrases, typically three or more words. These are competitive terms with high search volumes. The best way to rank for these types of keywords is to use them in your web page content.

Mid-tail keywords are a compromise between short-tail and long-tail keywords. Although they have lower search volumes, they have a higher conversion rate. In order to rank for these types of keywords, you may have to invest in advertising.

Branded keywords are used by consumers who only want products from a specific brand. For example, if you are a Nike brand ambassador, you can use the word “Nike.”

Localized keywords are used to attract people within a specific region or city. This type of keyword leads to local content and businesses. Google has begun to weigh more heavily on localized searches.

Intent targeting keywords are words that indicate an audience’s journey in the purchase process. They include commercial, informational, navigational, and transactional keywords.

Understanding the types of keywords that are best for a particular client is a great way to increase your website’s organic traffic. Additionally, it is a good idea to monitor your competitor’s keyword performance, as well. Using a competitor keyword tool can help you find the phrases that are driving traffic to your competitors’ websites.

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