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What Are the 2 Types of Keywords?

What Are the 2 Types of Keywords?

Keywords are the words or phrases that searchers use to find content online. This is what drives traffic and helps with conversions. However, there are two types of keywords.

The first is generic keywords, which refer to a brand, product or industry. These are usually short and contain a few words or phrases. They are often used in ad copy or for targeting purposes.

Long tail keywords, on the other hand, are phrases of five or more words. They are more targeted, attracting a more specific audience. Usually these keywords have low SEO competition and higher conversion rates.

Buyer or transactional keywords are terms that indicate a searcher’s intent to buy. They are typically used by people in the purchasing funnel. Some examples of buyer keywords are “buy” and “best”.

In contrast, product or brand keywords are terms that reference a brand’s products or services. These are the main focus of an ecommerce site, or a website that offers a specific product or service. Examples of product and brand keywords are “coffee maker” and “best coffee maker”.

Product and brand keywords are most effective when used on a product or brand page. Using these keywords allows you to optimize your content for better search engine results.

Geo-targeted keywords, on the other hand, are location-based terms that draw attention to the geographical area a user is interested in. These keywords are very useful for brick and mortar businesses that offer a physical location.

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