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I will find you 800 keywords and domains, high traffic, low competition, profitable :$25
Work Duration: ~5 days

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Job Description

*800 Keywords Researched in Depth! *We Find Easy to Rank Keywords, Perfect for Niche Websites. *We also find Unregistered, Exact Match Domains for Niche Sites. *The process takes some 12 Hours of Computer Time to process, 1,000+ Proxies, Very Thorough *Over 12 years experience *Fast 24 Hours delivery *I will provide an in-depth report outlining 800 profitable, high traffic and *EASY TO RANK* for keywords in your niche. You provide your general topic and website URL (optional) and we do the rest. The report will include global & local search volume, CPC (cost per click on Google), top links and # of results as well as the SEO ranking difficulty. *You can send up to 5 topics. *Please send broad topics, not narrow ones, if you want the full 800. If you send us a narrow topic, there just aren't 800 keywords. Send several narrow ones *This is a GREAT a Niche Discovery gig, we Find Easy Niches for you to pursue; we research these niches based on a big niche you provide. Totally lost and don't know which niche to pursue for your site? Check out our extras for a manual analysis and seed kw recommendation. * * ORDER NOW, invest in crucial SEO and DOMINATE your niche * *

Please provide the following:

1) ONE (or up to 5 narrow) seed keyword you are trying to rank for / or is relevant to your site. (if you want more than 800, it will require additional gig orders)
2) Your website URL (along with a short description)
3) Do you want only keywords SPECIFIC to your seed keyword (may be extremely limited depending on niche) or all relevant keywords?

If local business, please also provide regional location.

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