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Is SEO a Full Time Job?

Is SEO a Full Time Job?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

As an SEO, your primary responsibility is to ensure that the content you create for your clients’ websites is optimized for search engines and is relevant for their target audiences. This includes working to ensure that the keywords you choose are incorporated in the content, as well as making sure that the pages on your client’s site are fast-loading and mobile-friendly.

Your job also involves evaluating how effective your clients’ current SEO strategy is. This is because search algorithms change all the time, and new factors become important.

You will need to be able to quickly identify what needs to be changed, and prioritize the changes accordingly. You can do this by researching your clients’ sites and checking the rankings for specific terms to determine what’s working and what needs more work.

User Experience

In addition to the technical aspects of SEO, it’s important to understand the user journey. This is because it’s possible to rank high for keywords that aren’t directly related to what you sell, but if the person who does the searching doesn’t have any intent in that moment, your efforts will be wasted.

Creating Quality Content

It’s very easy to rank high on search engines with a great piece of content that solves someone’s problem and offers value. This is because Google wants to reward businesses that provide good content that people want to see and use.

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