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Is SEO a Coding Thing?

Certainly, there is more to SEO than just content writing and a few coding tricks. While you don’t need to know code to perform SEO, understanding how it works can be very helpful.

In particular, you need to understand how the different types of codes you’ll encounter in SEO can affect your site’s performance. For example, a CSS file will change many text-based properties. If you learn to code, you can use your knowledge to spot errors and recommend solutions.

Similarly, learning to create an SEO snippet can help you achieve a higher ranking on a SERP. A snippet is a short piece of text that appears under a link. It usually comes from a description tag.

Finally, structured data is an important SEO feature. By creating HTML files that are more readable, search engines can process your data faster.

One of the most common styles is the Cascading Style Sheet. It is a set of instructions for controlling the layout of your web page.

Another important SEO feature is the meta description. This shows up in search results, and is essential to your success. When you create a meta description, be sure to use keywords.

Aside from the usual title tag, there are other important tags to include on your website. These include the URL, and the meta description.

You’ll also want to pay close attention to the size of your headings. Ideally, they should be sized appropriately and contain relevant keywords.

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