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Is Python a Keyword?

Is Python a Keyword?

The keyword is one of the fundamental building blocks of any Python program. However, it is not the same as Python’s built-in functions. And since there are a lot of keywords in Python, it is important to know how to identify them.

In the case of Python, keywords can be divided into three categories. This grouping helps in understanding the meanings of each word.

The first category contains keywords that are used as values. Examples include if, continue, print and lambda. All of these keywords are in lowercase and have special meanings.

The second group contains keywords that are used as operators. These include the return statement, if and while statements, the if function, the async function, and the assert statement.

There is also the else statement. This statement is used in conjunction with loops and try/except statements. It allows you to skip an iteration of a loop if the condition is true.

You can also use the del keyword to remove an item from a list. You can do this by using the Python del command.

The Python REPL can provide you with an extensive list of Python keywords. Similarly, a good python IDE will highlight these words.

You should always follow the rules for keywords in Python. Otherwise, you could get a SyntaxError.

If you want to know more about each Python keyword, you can consult the kwlist. That is, the kwlist is a list of all available Python keywords for the current version.

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