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Is NASA Using Python?

Is NASA Using Python?

If you are a Python fan, you may be interested to learn about the use of the language in NASA. The agency has a wide range of uses for the language, including CAE/CAD/PDM depot, conversion system, flight software, data processing, and many others.

One of the most important applications of Python is in artificial intelligence. Google has been backing the language since the early days. Its usage extends to machine learning projects, as well as other areas of AI.

NASA also uses the language in open-source projects. In fact, the Perseverance Mars Rover is powered by open-source software. These scripts are used to process the images taken by the rover and transfer them to the flight control center.

Another project based on the language is the intelligent navigation system, which trained on millions of photos from several missions to map the Moon. It also created a virtual map of the Moon.

NASA also employs the HAL/S, or High-order Assembly Language/Shuttle, in flight software and ground operations. It is a real-time aerospace programming language that incorporates constructs for system programming tasks.

Some other languages are also used for open-source projects. MATLAB is commonly used to analyze and debug engineering codes. But it is not a particularly open-source language.

However, a recent announcement from Microsoft has revealed that they are teaming up with the space agency to teach Python. This will include the creation of a series of learning modules, which will focus on NASA’s space exploration activities. They will include three lessons that will explain AI for space rock research, as well as an overview of the upcoming Artemis lunar exploration mission.

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