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We get websites on Page 1 in Google. We specialize in Canadian search engine optimization. 

We provide generous referral fees. To contact us please send an email via this ad.

SEO Services by the #1 SEO for Canada (SEO in Vancouver)

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Just type "SEO Canada" in and see us Page 1. Or just "SEO" in and find us on Page 1. Our clients are making millions from our SEO efforts. We can help you too. Check our website:


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Would you like to have a website built for your business? For $249, I will build you a responsive site and include 1 year of free hosting. If you don't have one, I'll even include a free domain. I am a certified Web designer and also offer SEO services, social media integration and audio/video creation.

Here are two reasons why you should hire me: 1) I am certified from BCIT and 2) I can handle any SEO & social media needs your site may need in the long run, including link building. I can even create a video for you or any other content marketing. Promote your business online today and reach more customers. 
Search Engine Optimization

• Keyword research to determine the best keywords
• On-Page Optimization: Page title tags, etc.
• Competitor analysis for SEO (link building etc)
• Off-page promotion including use of social media
• Comprehensive & detailed reporting

I would be willing to teach you how to do your own design/development, even SEO. You too can do SEO. Let's take this journey together and get you online -- or improve your exisiting site. I want you to succeed online.


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If you'd like to dramatically improve your website's search results, drive substantially more customers to your site, and bring in significantly more business, you probably know that comprehensive, high-quality SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are essential. You're probably also aware that there are bazillions of people and companies offering to do your SEO/SEM for you at outrageously high prices.

I encourage you to speak with as many SEO/SEM professionals as you like. Ask them precisely what they do for the all money you pay them, and ask them to demonstrate the quality and efficacy of their work.

You can pay them tens of thousands of dollars, get poor results, and not even know what they're doing with all your money. Or you can pay me a small fraction of that, learn how to do your own truly effective SEO/SEM, and be in complete control of the entire process.

I'm an experienced, talented, highly-respected computer professional whose website literally dominates the entire first two pages of approximately 4 million Google results for the common term used to search for businesses like my personal computer lessons website. Few people or companies (including those that claim to be SEO/SEM experts and charge exhorbitant fees for their services) can legitimately make such a claim.

I'm glad to provide references and show you the proof of my claims in-person - no gimmicks, no tricks - just honest, real results that you can see and assess for yourself.


I don't just teach you the 'what' and the 'how' of outstanding SEO/SEM - I also teach you the 'why' - so that you have a clear, thorough understanding of this invaluable information as you learn it and implement it for yourself and your business.

I charge $125 per hour for one-on-one SEO/SEM teaching, with a 2-hour minimum appointment. You decide how much you'd like to learn. In one 2-hour session I can teach you many of the important basics. Covering everything typically requires about 4 hours, which you can choose to do in either one or two sessions.

(Our work together requires a non-disclosure agreement - the information you learn from me is to be used only by you and your organization, and not to be shared in any form, for any purpose, with anyone else.)

If you're serious about dramatically improving your website's Internet presence and search results, and increasing your business accordingly, please feel welcome to contact me at your convenience.

Thank you for your interest and for considering me. I look forward to working with you!




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Best SEO in Canada: Read our success stories (SEO in Vancouver)

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SEO Success by SEO in Vancouver:

We can also provide:
- SEO Websites 
- Toll Free Numbers
- Local Listings on Google Maps
- Local numbers for those not in Vancouver
- Mail Forwarding
- Virtual Offices

Web Design + FREE SEO

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Factor in the cost of a quality website and the time it would take for us to properly set it up. . .you'll quickly realize it would be difficult to build a comparable site for less. We will build your website, and make sure your business online presence is professional and found on major search engine. We have all the resources available to produce a stunning web presence for your business.

Business Web Design
We customized your website suitable for your business or company.
-If anything goes wrong with your website, we will fix it for free.

We integrate the best combination of keywords, links and title, description into your site content to trigger Internet search engines, like Google®, Yahoo!® and MSN®(Bing), to get your website listed in the local search results. Every site designed and built by us is created with simple SEO principles in mind. Based on our experience and our SEO knowledge -- we will construct your site with the right settings, optimal code structure and SEO best practices that will give you a solid foundation to build upon.
•Lifetime Local SEO (as long as you are our customer)

Social Media 
It is more important than ever that you make it as easy as possible for visitors to find your various social media profiles and make it simple for them to share your content with others. All our sites allow you to add your social media profiles and other tools that allow your visitors to share your pages quickly and easily.
•Integrate your Facebook, Twitter, You tube, or any other Social Media account

Server Backups / Peace of Mind
You can manage your backup anytime of the day and download to your computer.

Website Analytics
Website Analytics can help you determine how visitors are finding your website, how they are using your website and give you guidance on what you may want to improve upon. We can assist you in establishing your Free account with and getting your tracking script properly set up on your website.

Web Hosting
•5 Email
•Single Domain
•Server SSL Certificate
•Anti Virus
•Anti Spam
•5000MB Disk Space
•5000MB Bandwidth

Price $300 
After first Year - $80/yearly to maintain Hosting and SEO

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Business Cards
Audio/Video Editing
Photo Slideshows
Business Portfolio
Image Galleries
Business Poster
Video/Audio Embedding Services
Business Poster
Wedding Video
Web Banners
Logo Design
Virtual Server Hosting
Poster Design
Web Hosting
Live Feed Social Network - Twitter, Facebook
Email Hosting
Paypal Checkout
Email Marketing
Website Copy Writing
Password-Protected Pages
Membership Website
Hosting Website
Single Page Website (Squeeze Page)
Car Delearship Website
Real Estate Website

White-label Services

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Many designers and firms use our white-label services to provide website development
for their clients, as well as ongoing maintenance. As a white-label service
provider, we work through you for your client - we are completely invisible to your
customers. We have excellent references.
We can offer a rate of $25 per hour and can also work by quotes.
Our white-label service includes:
- PHP, HTML, CSS coding & more...
- Wordpress, Joomla, & Drupal development
- App development
- Custom application development
- Website maintenance and support
- Online management tools to help you direct our work
- Single point of contact
- Re-brand-able services
- Complete transparency
- Very reasonable rates

Disavow tool

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Are worried that your SEO rankings have been falling, let us help you with the disavow tool. Contact us today for a free quote. 

SEO Company Vancouver

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If you are looking for a SEO Company Vancouver, look no further. can help you with all your SEO and online marketing needs. Contact us today for a free quote. 

How good is my website

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Have you wondered: How good is my website. 

Wonder no more. Contact us today to get a free evaluation of your website and your SEO. Free, completely no obligation website evaluation. 

Google Adwords Account

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If you want to have a Google Adwords Account set up and managed professionally we can help. Contact us via our Contact form at Get Quote section of our website. 

Top SEO Langley

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We provide the top seo services for Langley, in British Columbia, Canada.

Contact us for a free quote. 

SEO Consultant Based in Vancouver - 15 years experience - proven results

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Vancouver's Number 1 SEO and Online Marketing Company

If you are looking for someone to help with your SEO (search engine optimization), online marketing, Google Adwords (PPC) or social media make sure you give us a call.

WE CAN HELP DRIVE MORE BUSINESS ONLINE! We can provide you with a free online marketing audit worth $750 which will pitch your current efforts against your competition. You'll be able to see why we are number one when it comes to online marketing.

Contact us today by clicking on the image or replying to our SEO advert e-mail and let us show you the opportunities that online marketing, SEO and Google Adwords have for your business in Vancouver, Langley, Surrey and the Tri-Cities.

Buy Social Media Likes (Facebook, Twitter, Google+...) SEO Effect

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We'll help you exponentially grow your social media following to improve your reputation. Use our services to buy likes and fans for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube any much more We also provide server for website likes, Twitter followers, YouTube Subscribe and Google plus Vote. All at the best price you can find.
How it work? 
Step 1: Email us about your request and Social Media page link
Step 2: Pay through paypal
Step 3: Patient! most of our service deliver within 5 days
Step 4: Woohoo! Celebrate!
YES! YOU DO Price match, and more, we give 20% off of lowest price you can find
for example, the lowest price you can find online is 200 dollars for 5000 likes, we will make it $ 160 
Please send us Email to inquire the price! Due to the large amount of inquires, please give me 24 hours to reply your Email


    The BEST SEO Services for Canada and the World

    User Rating:  / 46 is the BEST SEO Service provider for all of Canada and the World. We rank for over 2,500 keywords in just THREE Months. To get SEO success like ours, contact us TODAY via the Quote Request form, or by calling us. Thank you! 

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    Pay Per Click Advertising with Google Adwords PPC

    User Rating:  / 8 is offering Google Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services.

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    Html / css / php and mySQL is hand coded in order to make your site look and perform better than you expect. 

    SEO Content

    Trade Services: SEO for Web Design, Programming, Rental etc (Downtown Vancouver)

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    We offer SEO Services and we are looking to trade for other services and products. 
    Our website:

    We are looking for: 
    Office Space 
    Web Programming 
    Website Design 

    Our Most Popular SEO Packages



    Call/text: 1-604-700-7323 or click image below to request an SEO quote

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    SEO Vancouver the seo company

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    SEO for Vancouver Wedding Photographer — Brian 2013-07-12 17:53

    I can't thank SEOinVancouver. com enough for all the great SEO work that they have done for us, getting us into #1 and #2 spot for our main keyword. It is a very competitive field and it took about a year to get to #1 spot but it is Really worth it. We get dozens of calls every month from interested clients that find us in the search engines and that has more than doubled our revenue. Thanks again.

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