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How to Use Google Trends to Drive Traffic to Your Website

How to Use Google Trends to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Using Google Trends can be a powerful tool for marketers. It can help you identify keywords that will drive traffic to your website, and can also help you develop a strategy for on-page and local SEO.

Google Trends can show you the relative popularity of a keyword by state, city, or category. It can also show you how your competitors are performing with similar keywords. You can use the compare feature to compare up to five search terms.

Google Trends can also help you identify trends in the market, so you can plan your content calendar in advance. Tracking seasonal trends can help you plan content for holidays and other times of the year. It can also help you optimize your landing pages for seasonal trends.

For example, if you sell women’s blouses, you may want to identify the keywords you want to target. You can use Google Trends to find terms related to women’s blouses. These keywords can help you find other terms to incorporate into your content.

When a term becomes more popular, it means that consumers are searching more often for it. If you are able to position yourself to take advantage of an upswing in interest, you will be able to attract more customers. You may be able to rank for a term that has a high search volume, such as “Caribbean Cruise.” However, if you are not able to rank for a term, you may need to look for other keywords.

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