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How to Do a Basic SEO Audit

How to Do a Basic SEO Audit

Having a SEO audit done is a great way to identify and fix the most important issues on your site. Having a site that’s in good shape can increase your rankings and boost your business.

You’ll want to use an SEO tool that does a complete crawl of your website. Aside from checking the structure and speed, this tool also analyzes backlinks and keywords.

It’s important to have a site that’s free of errors, duplicate content, and poor images. These factors can negatively affect your site’s rankings. It’s also important to keep up with the changing nature of the search engine industry.

You should check the anchor texts of your links. A link that’s relevant and meaningful to your site is better than a link that’s meaningless. You should also pay attention to how many backlinks your competitors have.

You’ll also want to look at your domain’s digital authority. If your site doesn’t have any, you should start working to build it.

In a competitive market, you’ll want to look at your competition’s backlink profile. You can do this by using tools like Ahrefs and Screaming Frog. You can also use Google’s Search Console. These tools will help you research keywords and rank your website.

Lastly, you’ll want to ensure your site is easy to navigate. This will help you get to the pages you’re looking for quickly. This will also make it easier for the search engines to index your site.

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