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How Do I Do SEO Keyword Research For Free?

How Do I Do SEO Keyword Research For Free?

Using free SEO keyword research tools can be a great way to help you get ahead of the competition and rank for more keywords. These tools allow you to get more keyword ideas, see how competitive keywords are, and analyze the amount of traffic your website can get. You can also use these tools to prioritize your SEO efforts.

One free SEO keyword research tool is Google Search Console. This is a great way to see which pages rank for which keyphrases, but the data won’t be very helpful in suggesting new keywords.

Another free tool is Wordtracker. The free keyword tool is a Chrome browser extension that lets you see how words on a webpage are related to keywords. It also allows you to find keyword ideas based on the content of a webpage. This tool is good for beginners, as it is great for finding keywords without a strong knowledge of the niche.

Semrush offers a variety of free and paid keyword tools. The free model allows you to do 10 searches a day. You can also download a list of keyword ideas and other data. The paid version allows you to perform more advanced research. You can also get keyword data from other sources, including Moz.

Another tool is AnswerThePublic. This tool visualizes questions people are asking about a particular topic. It also offers a free model that allows you to download a graph of the data. You can also use it to analyze keywords and create content clusters based on them.

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