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4 Data Types in Python

4 Data Types in Python

Python supports various data types for storing and displaying data. Some of them include lists, dictionaries, tuples, sets and strings. These data types are crucial for coding. They enable you to store, retrieve, manipulate and compare your data.

List is a popular and flexible data type in Python. It is used to store sequences of items. Items are separated by commas and parentheses. Lists are mutable and can be manipulated to change the contents. There are no limits to the number of entries in a list.

Tuples are similar to lists but they are immutable. This means you cannot delete them. Also, there are no duplicate items in a tuple.

Dictionaries are lists of key:value pairs. You can use a dictionary to sort and compare data. Dictionary keys can contain any data type. The value of a key can be arbitrary Python objects.

Boolean is another data type in Python. Its value can be True or False. Using a boolean can be useful if there are two states of a variable. For example, you can assign a tuple containing two elements with a boolean value of true.

String is a data type that is useful in storing text. Its value can be any type of character, including single, double and triple quotes. In Python, a string is denoted by a single or double quote. However, you can also create a multiline string by using a triple quote.

In Python, a tuple is a group of values that are organized in a fixed size. A tuple is not a collection of ordered items, but instead a collection of elements of different data types.

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