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If you'd like to dramatically improve your website's search results, drive substantially more customers to your site, and bring in significantly more business, you probably know that comprehensive, high-quality SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are essential. You're probably also aware that there are bazillions of people and companies offering to do your SEO/SEM for you at outrageously high prices.

I encourage you to speak with as many SEO/SEM professionals as you like. Ask them precisely what they do for the all money you pay them, and ask them to demonstrate the quality and efficacy of their work.

You can pay them tens of thousands of dollars, get poor results, and not even know what they're doing with all your money. Or you can pay me a small fraction of that, learn how to do your own truly effective SEO/SEM, and be in complete control of the entire process.

I'm an experienced, talented, highly-respected computer professional whose website literally dominates the entire first two pages of approximately 4 million Google results for the common term used to search for businesses like my personal computer lessons website. Few people or companies (including those that claim to be SEO/SEM experts and charge exhorbitant fees for their services) can legitimately make such a claim.

I'm glad to provide references and show you the proof of my claims in-person - no gimmicks, no tricks - just honest, real results that you can see and assess for yourself.


I don't just teach you the 'what' and the 'how' of outstanding SEO/SEM - I also teach you the 'why' - so that you have a clear, thorough understanding of this invaluable information as you learn it and implement it for yourself and your business.

I charge $125 per hour for one-on-one SEO/SEM teaching, with a 2-hour minimum appointment. You decide how much you'd like to learn. In one 2-hour session I can teach you many of the important basics. Covering everything typically requires about 4 hours, which you can choose to do in either one or two sessions.

(Our work together requires a non-disclosure agreement - the information you learn from me is to be used only by you and your organization, and not to be shared in any form, for any purpose, with anyone else.)

If you're serious about dramatically improving your website's Internet presence and search results, and increasing your business accordingly, please feel welcome to contact me at your convenience.

Thank you for your interest and for considering me. I look forward to working with you!




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SEO for Vancouver Wedding Photographer — Brian 2013-07-12 17:53

I can't thank SEOinVancouver. com enough for all the great SEO work that they have done for us, getting us into #1 and #2 spot for our main keyword. It is a very competitive field and it took about a year to get to #1 spot but it is Really worth it. We get dozens of calls every month from interested clients that find us in the search engines and that has more than doubled our revenue. Thanks again.

Your SEO work on is amazing! — Jason 2013-07-12 22:10

Thank you again for the great SEO work done on We now get over 50,000 visitors per month as a residual of your SEO efforts and that saves us a fortune in adwords spending.



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